This two week course requires the students to immerse themselves totally and fully in their chosen language.

All students will be required, at all times, to converse with their peers and teachers in their subject language and the speaking of English will be strictly forbidden. This is to ensure that maximum learning outcomes happen and great confidence and improvement occurs in their listening, speaking and writing of their chosen language.

14th - 28th of June

This course is more flexible than our Immersion Course as it allows students to book one to four weeks of residential language learning with the option of booking additional tuition classes in the afternoon instead of sport activities.

Up to 6 hours per day tuition contact time (including 1:1 individual attention) will be available for the student, helping them to really gain the maximum academic return from their stay with us.

28th June - 26th July
1 Week €695, 2 weeks €1390, 3 weeks €2085

A long running favourite for those who want to practice newly acquired language proficiency in “real” conversations with native speaking French and Spanish students who are onsite at the same time.

This course also features a more exciting activity programme.

Runs in July only.

28th June - 26th July
1 Week €545, 2 Weeks €1050, 3 Weeks €1575, 4 weeks €2100

Our Easter Revision Courses are organised and run by a dedicated team of Education Professionals who have put together a high quality Exam Focused, Intensive Course which is aimed at ensuring that students attending receive the best possible preparation available to achieve their full potential in achieving top grade examination results.

Course Eligibility

Our Language Interaction Courses are open to all secondary school students from 13 years of age to Leaving Certificate. Students must have completed one academic year of their chosen language. We ask that students be willing and motivated to participate in all the exciting and stimulating classes, activities and events associated with their Language Interaction Programme.

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